A river that’s over 100 km long, with three branches and more than 75 pools.
It can be overwhelming…

Here’s a few tips to make it easier for you

The agents at the reception centre are available to answer your questions or if you require more information. Contact them by calling 418 236-4604

– The best pools
– The flies to use
– The salmon and trout runs, etc.


Sacré-Coeur is located about 15 minutes from Tadoussac. The river begins at about ten kilometers from Sacré-Coeur toward Chicoutimi. Route 172 runs along the river for about 55 kilometers (sectors 1 to 4). You can visit at our office located at 160 rue Principale Sacré-Coeur to obtain your access pass, salmon fishing licence, for renting boots, rods, flies, accommodations and back-country camping, in addition to obtaining general information.

Fishing areas

The river is divided into several different areas, some are fixed quota zones (a limited number of anglers) and quota free (an unlimited number of anglers). We often have spots available, so reservations in advance are not required. Just give us a call to inquire about availability. The majority of the pools are fished by wading and a few with a canoe (non-motorized). The sectors and pools are well indicated. You must remain in the sector that you selected for the entire day, but you can change the pool if desired.

Salmon fishing licence

Between June 1st and September 15th, you must have one of the three fishing licences in your possession, either catch and release, 3-day or annual. You are not required to have your “other species” licence during this period. Only fly fishing is permitted in the salmon rivers.

More information about the fishing licence

Code of ethics (taking turns)

It’s mandatory for anglers fishing in the pools to take turns. You must position yourself at the head of the pool, cast and then move one foot forward until the end of the pool. A new angler stands at the beginning of the pool when the distance is adequate as not to harm the angler ahead.

Catch limit (salmon and sea trout)

The catch limit is 2 small salmon less than 63 cm long per day (annual licence). All large salmon must be released back into the water. In addition, you can keep 5 sea trout per day, but only one that is 14 inches or more regardless of the type of salmon fishing licence held. Small salmon must be recorded and the salmon and trout catches and releases must be declared.

All trout must be released back into the water at Bigpool, Onézime, Saint-Germain and Dampool.

Consult the release procedure

Sea trout (blue) fishing in the fall

A special period for fishing “blue” sea trout is available from September 16th until October 15th. Only pools 1 to 38 are open for this period and only fly fishing is permitted. You must have your “other species except salmon” fishing licence. The cost is $25 per day and the limit is 5 trout, including only one that is 14 inches or more.

Other pertinent information

– Ensure to fill up your vehicle with gas since there’s no service stations for 70 km.
– No electricity, convenience stores or restaurant along Route 172 between km 10 and 61.
– No reception or service for mobile devices in the Sainte-Marguerite valley.
– Licenced grocery store in Sacré-Coeur and accommodations available.
– Fishing registration by telephone for salmon fishing.
– No swimming allowed in the river and pets must be on leashes.

Consult the registration procedure


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