Administrative regulations

Anglers must cease fishing for salmon after two releases since the daily catch limit is two.
Also, cease fishing trout after 5 releases.
No refund on finalized reservations and completed access passes regardless of the reason and/or weather conditions.

Registration by telephone

Just give us a call to obtain your access pass online. You must have a valid salmon fishing licence and provide us with the licence number. Payment by Visa or Mastercard.


You must have your Atlantic salmon fishing licence and have paid your daily access pass to fish for salmon. You can get the licences at the office in Sacré-Coeur, at Inter Marché, Canadian Tire or from hunting and fishing boutiques.

Atlantic salmon sport fishing licence

You must have a valid Atlantic salmon sport fishing licence. This licence is also required to fish sea trout during the salmon fishing period (June 1st to September 15th). You must have your signed licence with you at all times and be ready to present it to a wildlife conservation officer when requested.
The salmon fishing licence can be purchased at our reception centre and at your hunting and fishing equipment retailer. This licence also enables you to keep sea trout caught on the Sainte-Marguerite River during the salmon fishing season, but they must be caught before you reach your daily salmon fishing limit.

There are three types of licences:

Annual licence

Allows for a maximum of 4 salmon (including 1 large and 3 small) during the year and is valid for all of Quebec’s salmon rivers.

Rates :
– Resident of Quebec: $51.93
– Non-resident: $166.66

Three-day licence

The three-day licence is the perfect solution for those wanting to try out salmon fishing.

Rates :
– Resident of Quebec: $22.64
– Non-resident: $44.39

Licence for catch and release

This licence is valid for the entire season and in all of Quebec’s salmon rivers, but the catch and release of salmon is mandatory.

Rates :
– Resident of Quebec: $22.64
– Non-resident: $44.39

Fishing using someone else’s licence
Youth under 18 years or between 18 and 24 studying full-time can fish without a licence under the surveillance of someone over 18 years with a licence. The total amount of fish caught in one day must not surpass the number allowed by the licensee.
In the quota areas, there can be only one rod used at a time, in the quota free areas, you can both fish at the same time. The youth without a licence must remain with the licensee at all times to make the monitoring easier for our guards.


Useful information