Salmon fishing

The king of our rivers is the hardest fresh water fish to catch. For many salmon anglers, it can take years before their first duel with the legendary Salmo Salar. Initiation allows the beginner angler to acquire base knowledge and useful tips that will increase their chances to land the coveted salmonid.

On the program

Within the enchanting surroundings of Bardsville, an ancestral fishing camp with unique charm, initiation begins with a summary about the Atlantic salmon’s biology. After having perfected the Salar knowledge, the up and coming salmon fishing star will learn about the fishing equipment. The flies, reel, rod, line, etc… high quality equipment for the day is included in the initiation package.
After getting familiar with the equipment, it’s now time to put all that practice and learning into action with fly fishing. The beginner angler will practice using the basic techniques. Once the initiate feels ready, it’s time to put on the waders and get into the water.

Practicing in the river

The initiate will learn how to read the river during their practice sessions. Which fly to use depending on the situation. Where do the salmon hide depending on the time of day? How to approach the river without scaring the fish?
After four hours of initiation, the new salmon angler will be better equipped to devote themselves to this new salmon fishing adventure.

The initiation package includes:

An access pass for the day in the quota free zones
The rod, fly wheel and waders (boots)
And four hours of accompaniment in collaboration with Lemelin Guides.

Happy fishing!

Additional information

Price :
– $140 (taxes included) for residents of Quebec.
– $160 (taxes included) for non-residents of Quebec.

Weather conditions : If thunder or lightning is present, all activities will be ceased because the graphite rod can attract lightning. It’s still safe to fish if it just raining.

The lesson includes :
– Instructor
– Fiching rod with 2 flies and waders (b00ts)
– Angler’s handbook

The client is required to wear a hat or ball cap and glasses.

Never cut the silk line.
Tie a knot in a loop and insert the loop of the leader into the loop of silk. It’s easier to change the leader and not cut the silk to keep the proper length.

Two (2) flies are included in the lesson. If the customer breaks their flies and wants more, then they will be required to pay $1.50 (taxes included) per each additional fly. If they want higher quality flies, they can be purchased at the reception area for the price of either $5 or $6.

Fishing licence 
A “catch and release” fishing licence is not included in the lesson, but it’s required to be able to fish. Click here for the different rates and options.
No fish (salmon or trout) can be kept during the lesson. They must be released in the water, even if the client has a 3-day or annual licence.

The theory may be longer or shorter depending on the learning curve. The practice takes place in zone 3 around the Bardsville point.


Useful information